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About the Conference

The objective of ATEC each year is to promote better teaching in economics and other business disciplines, as well as the discussion and critical analysis of measures to enhance teaching quality in these fields at both tertiary and secondary levels. This encompasses teaching methods, economics curricula and design, and educational policy and management as they bear upon economics and business education.

The 22nd Australasian Teaching Economics Conference will be held at the UTS Business School on Thursday July 6th and Friday July 7th, 2017. This year educators in related business disciplines such as finance, marketing, management and accounting are strongly encouraged to participate especially where they wish to reflect on pedagogical methods that may be applicable across business disciplines.

The conference theme in 2017 is The Evolving Nature of Economics and Business Education. Two sets of forces are currently posing challenges for economics and business educators. The first is the changing nature of management in higher education. Managers are increasingly making use of formal and quantitative frameworks for performance monitoring, and they are generating expectations around the use of specific pedagogical techniques which are often linked to these performance frameworks. The challenge for teachers is to select and make effective use of the best techniques from the array of non-traditional teaching methods such as flipped classrooms, inquiry-based learning and authentic assessment, that are emerging within this new managerial context. The second challenge is the changing nature of the Australian economy itself and whether these changes demand flow-on developments in what and how we teach economics and business students at the secondary and tertiary levels.

One of the objectives of the 2017 conference is to facilitate critical reflection on the impact of both sets of forces on economics and business education. The conference will also canvass a broader range of topics and will consider papers relevant to any area of economics or business education.

We hope you’ll join us for the conference.

Peter Docherty
Chair, ATEC 2017 Organising Committee